On-Line Training

You can enroll in on-line courses that meet Connecticut Care 4 Kids and licensing training requirements for child care programs. These courses also meet health and safety orientation requirements for Care 4 Kids providers.

Online Health and Safety training is open to all center based and licensed family child care providers regardless of receiving child care subsidy.

Let’s get started!

Effective Monday 10/1/2018
This process is changing to make things easier for you!
You can access the training directly after you log into your OEC Registry account. Please go to www.ccacregistry.org for more information

Effective Monday 10/1/2018
¡Este proceso está cambiando para facilitarle las cosas usted!
Usted puede acceder el entrenamiento directamente después de que acceda su cuenta en el Registro de OEC. Por favor visite www.ccacregistry.org para más información.

Have Questions?

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) (Spanish) for more details about on-line training or contact Thrive! here.