Connecticut Program Leadership Institute

The Program Leadership Institute offers courses toward meeting OEC, NAEYC and Connecticut Director Credential requirements, and professional development plans.

Who is eligible to attend?

  • Current Program Administrators: Those individuals responsible for the day to day operations of and in a position to implement operating changes to programs for young children birth to age 5 in community -based settings in Connecticut. These may include program director, executive director, site manager, program coordinator, and hybrid administrator/teacher. These courses are not designed for family child care providers. Individuals must have an account with confirmed program administrative access and be designated in a program leadership role in the Connecticut Early Childhood Professional Registry.
  • Administrators committing to attend the mandatory enrollment meeting and the full hours of course time
  • All completed credits and degrees must be on file in the individual’s Connecticut Early Childhood Professional Registry account

Each course is filled based upon priorities. Current priorities include:

  • Applicants who are staff members of state-funded programs (School Readiness, CDC, State Head Start/Early Head Start, Smart Start and Preschool Development Grant)
  • Applicants whose programs are under current contract as selected AQIS Sites.

Please Note: One applicant per program per event unless additional space is available.

What is covered?

Tuition, registration, and textbooks are all provided. Any overnight lodging is on your own.


Please use our contact form or or call us at 1-800-505-1000.